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Gossip & News

22 Oct 19

No Strings Attached Colour for WELLA Professional

WELLA Professionals is launching a new Koleston Perfect ME+ 10 minute colour service called No Strings Attached Colour this month. The quick service is designed to encourage new and existing clients to inject some fresh colour onto their hair with a natural glossy shine. WELLA Professionals UK&Ireland technical director Robert Eaton said:"The service is for all age groups and styles."

21 Oct 19
Thomas Hills

Wink is the latest fun, frivolous colour collection from award-winning TH1 Hair Director, Thomas Hills. Comprising eight stunning looks, the collection is a portrayal of pigment and a bold execution of female elegance for a colour story that truly shines. Said Thomas: “This collection was an opportunity for me to have fun; to get creative and showcase strong, yet playful looks created around a range of hair colour, shapes and disciplines.”

Collection: Wink
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Claire De Graft
Styling: Bernard Connolly


18 Oct 19
Anne Veck

The Hairstylist shots this collection in a scrap yard and the intention is to shock and to bring to the attention of the hairdressing industry how destructive the fashion world is to people and the planet. Each image illustrates a theme, e.g. the cotton industry, ghost fishing , over use of plastic, pollution of our rivers by chemical discharges. To achieve the looks the hairstylist incorporated waste materials including daubing the hair with paint, melting plastic into the hair and plaiting the hair with wire.

Collection: Toxic Fashion
Ph: Magic Owen
Make-up: Morgan Defre
Styling: Sue Fyfe-Williams
Collection Sponsored by: Revlon Professional


18 Oct 19

MATTEINI, noto distributore di prodotti professionali e arredamenti per parrucchieri ed estetiste di MONTEVARCHI (AREZZO), è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.

MATTEINI è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e MATTEINI si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

Sfoglia la rivista on line.

17 Oct 19

PARODY: il tema 2019 celebra 37 anni di fantastici show

ALTERNATIVE HAIR è uno show punta di diamante della coiffure internazionale grazie alla partecipazione dei migliori talenti creativi del mondo.

Il fantastico spettacolo di quest'anno è avvenuto presso la bellissima location dell'ICC ExCeL di Londra, di fronte ad un pubblico di 3.200 persone e raccogliendo ben £ 163.650 a favore della fondazione benefica FIGHTING LEUKEMIA.



All Photo Credit: Alex Barron-Hough

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